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I can’t ever claim to be any sort of fashionista, in fact, most days I don’t get dressed unless I HAVE TO, postpartum or otherwise.  I’m all about loungewear, especially in this heat but occasionally I have a date with Mr Davis, church, or some other reason I have to put real clothes on.  I have found a few favorites that I keep coming back to when it comes to dressing this healing body of mine.  I feel like I’m really taking my time this baby to get everything back together and so I’m getting really good at what to wear after giving birth.

I promised myself years ago to always love and forgive this body of mine and I’m really being tested through this season.  I delivered Fox and weighed 15 lbs less than when I got pregnant-normal for an HG pregnancy like mine where I didn’t get to eat much for 9 months.  I quickly gained 25 lbs postpartum, something I’ve never done before.  Even with Paisley when I was working full time and super unhealthy I didn’t GAIN weight postpartum so I feel like I’m going through a normal pregnancy recovery weight-wise (and shaking my fist at the heavens through all of it!)  The ONLY perk of an HG pregnancy for me has been not dealing with excess weight after a pregnancy and now I don’t even get to enjoy that…but I digress.

What to wear after giving birth

The following are a few favorite tricks, tips and other fun things helping me appear to keep it together, if only on the outside:


One day my legacy will be living my life as the poster child for stretchy pants.  I look back at the structured waistbands our mothers had to endure and I cry for them.  And if you’re wondering where I found bermudas long enough to make it to my knees, I found a favorite pair of pants, bought a second pair and cut them myself!  They are the cheapest pair of bermudas I’ve ever owned and they are actually long enough for me!  Mid-rise stretchy goodness is a best friend postpartum.



I have been complimented over and over again on these sandals.  I bought them on a whim and I haven’t regretted it.  I know because they are cheap they are going to fall apart, get dirty and ruined, but the attention they call to my feet instead of my mid-section is currently worth it to me.  They are absolutely ridiculous and I LOVE them.  They also force me to keep my toenails in good shape and prioritizing some self care has been a good thing for me.  Can you believe I considered cutting off the back pink tassels??  I’m so glad I didn’t!


I’m really into big brows right now.  It’s been an exciting time for me-High School was spent trying to get rid of and pluck my huge brows-now I get to dress them up!!  I feel like focusing on a facial feature and playing it up is a great way to attract attention to your face and for me, brows has been it.  I love doing a loud lip color as well but I just haven’t been feeling it lately.  Also, I have that super fun pregnancy mask (chloasma) happening on just my upper lip and getting darker as I’m out in the sun so it’s nice to pull some focus upward to my eyes.



I’ve had to put the scissors down multiple times.  It’s SO hot and having such a big mop of hair during the summer is a pain BUT when it comes down to it I’m so glad I’ve kept the hair.  I’ve been popping Biotin like crazy to keep it from all falling out (fingers crossed I don’t lose half of it when that happens) and I’m typically rocking the top knot but I don’t even care.  It’s there for me when I need it and I think I’ve finally mastered braiding!


You can thank Mr Bob Benson for this fantastic t-shirt!  He was getting rid of some tees and I was all too happy to snatch it up!  Men’s tees have always been a staple of mine with my broad shoulders and having a few new ones to freshen up my wardrobe is a blessing.  The fact that they’re already worn in is a huge bonus.  Target is by far my favorite place to get the ultra-soft ones, and you can find a similiar one to the one I’m wearing here.  Big tees are one of the best things to wear after giving birth!!


Get fitted for a good nursing bra.  I’m so grateful I learned how to fit bras back in my Victoria’s Secret days because having a good fitting bra makes a huge difference in how you look and how you feel!  This one from Cake Maternity is my daily driver.  I feel both well supported and easily accessible-everything you need in a nursing bra.

This season of learning patience seems to be continuing in my life and I’m very ready to be all healed and back to normal and everything to be perfect…which I know will never actually happen but it sure would be nice!  In the meantime I hope these few things will help another Mama out or at least promote some solidarity, I know I’m always grateful for that.

What was your favorite outfit postpartum?

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