I was so excited to work with Dao Labs when they reached out to me.  I have had several good experiences with Eastern Medicine and Chinese Herbs for different ailments and I had never considered trying them to ease the different symptoms I have with my menstrual cycle.  Dao Labs sent me a box of their Women’s Monthly Kit, which is a combination of herbs that claims to harmonize your cycle, promote strength and regularity by maintaining hormonal balance, and fight weakness, fatigue and dizziness.

From their site:

Before the monthly cycle begins, take Emotional Balance to reduce stress, mood swings, irritability, fatigue and all the funk that precedes a cycle. The formula blends eight powerful herbs that we have paired with refreshing apple and cucumber flavors. This powerful combination is an essential tool for powering through PMS.

After bleeding ends, take Women’s Formula for 6-7 days for strength and to maintain regularity as you progress into your next cycle. This classic and extremely popular formula takes a deep dive beneath the surface to right the crimson wave to support your flow, rejuvenate and harmonize your blood and increase energy. It’s an equally powerful pairing of four herbs that work collectively to invigorate and tonify blood – a practice embraced across Asia for thousands of years.

So for the sake of science, I tried out the kit!  I waited until I was a few days away from my period and started drinking the Emotional Balance mix.  I know I’m making a face in the pic, but really considering the herbs these tasted pretty good!  The Apple + Cucumber had a bit of a celery flavor which is not my favorite.  I journal the next days below:

5/1 Emotional Balance

I’m starting the Dao Labs Emotional Balance since my period is just a few days away.  I’m feeling very emotionally low today (much like I usually do the week before my period) and I’m really hoping this helps!  I’ve been struggling to be motivated and have felt very defeated about things lately so something called “Emotional Balance” sounds like just what I need.

I really feel like I had an uplift in my mood after drinking.  It was such a stressful day and I feel like it helped.

Emotional State:  Stressed

Physical State:  Tired

Mental State:  Overwhelmed

5/2 Emotional Balance

No difference, but today has been an easy-going day.

Emotional State:  Even + Happy

Physical State:  Tired

Mental State:  Even

5/4 Emotional Balance

I feel like there really was an improvement in my mood after drinking.

Emotional State:  Sleepy and Sad

Physical State:  Sleepy after a late night

Mental State:  Unmotivated initially, but improved as the day went on.

5/5 Emotional Balance

I drank my emotional balance right before bed and had the wildest most vivid scary dreams.

Emotional State:  Busy

Physical State:  Even

Mental State:  Motivated


5/6 Skipped

Skipped drinking the emotional balance because the dreams were crazy.

5/7  First Day of my Period

5/8 Second Day of my Period

5/9 Third Day of my Period (tried sea sponge for the first time)

5/10 Fourth Day of my Period

Started the Women’s Formula

Emotional State:  Busy

Physical State:  Even

Mental State:  Normal

5/11 Last Day of my Period

Drank the Women’s Formula, and I saw no difference in mood, but I don’t feel as anemic as I usually do around now.

5/12 Women’s Formula

Feeling normal and even-keel.  Still not experiencing the anemic-feelings that I usually do even though we have been working on our house and I am otherwise exhausted!

5/14 Women’s Formula

5/15 Women’s Formula

I wanted to wait a minute and gain some perspective before completing this post and having now experienced another period without taking the herbs, I really do feel like they made a difference!  I didn’t feel much emotionally with the Women’s Formula but I did experience much less fatigue than normal.  And as far as the Emotional Balance is concerned I loved it except for the day I took it right before bed, those really were the craziest most vivid dreams and night sweats!  Taking it in the morning or even midday seems to work best for me and I feel like it helped balance out my emotional state.

Have you ever tried Chinese Herbs for balancing your menstrual cycle?  Tell me about it!

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