I hate tampons.  I really do.  I hate how they feel going in.  I hate being pinched by plastic applicators.  I hate how they feel coming out.  I hate forgetting that they are there and peeing on the string or WORSE, wiping and accidentally yanking the string as I go.  I do not like tampons.

When you menstruate, your uterus is trying to get rid of it’s monthly lining.  This lining is made up of both liquid and tissue, and tampons are only able to absorb so much liquid and essentially act as a plug, prolonging the misery.  Beyond all of that mess, tampons are really bad for your vagina.  Since quitting tampons I’ve seen some amazing life-improvements:

1. My period is shorter! 

I’ve gone from 7ish days to 3-4 days.  Tampons are made to absorb fluid, but not tissue. And every month your uterus expels a surprisingly high amount of tissue. When you wear a tampon, the uterus gets sort of “backed up” with tissue. This can cause unhealthy conditions in your uterus, possibly even contributing to infertility

Why are tampons bad for you, tampon damage, don't use tampons

2. Significantly less cramps.

I still get a nagging backache and temporary prolapse since my third baby but nothing like the doubled over misery that my uterine cramps used to be.  Your vagina is made up of highly absorbent membranes that happily suck up all the fun chemicals that tampons have been treated or created with and I just love my vagina too much to do that. “Vaginal tissue is lined with permeable mucous membranes, which protect the body from bacteria, but which can also easily absorb or be irritated by other chemicals,” explains Alex Scranton, director of Science and Research at Women’s Voices For The Earth, a group that advocates more research into menstrual products’ safety, on the group’s blog. These vaginal membranes are filled with blood vessels, which allow any chemical they are exposed to to be easily absorbed into your bloodstream.  So far there has been no significant scientific research into what risks women might be exposing ourselves to when we expose our vaginal tissue to the chemicals and pesticides tampons may contain or be made with.

3. I’m saving serious money not buying tampons.

Tampons are expensive and I used to burn through those suckers like crazy.

Why are tampons bad for you, tampon damage, don't use tampons

4. No more risk for Toxic Shock Syndrome.

I have read repeatedly that Toxic Shock is incredibly rare, but in my life I’ve know 2 different women that have ended up in the ER because of it-one of my friends has had it twice from using tampons!  From an article on HuffPost:  “Tampons create a favorable environment for bacteria growth. Micro-tears in the vaginal wall from tampons allow bacteria to accumulate. One infamous risk is Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), caused either by poisonous toxins from Staphylococcus aureus (staph) or group A streptococcus (strep) bacteria.”

This is a SHORT list of reasons to reconsider your tampon use and I didn’t even get into specific ingredients that many tampons use or are treated with that can seriously effect the health of your vagina.  If you want to do your vagina a favor, think about quitting tampons!

If you’re wondering how to manage your period without tampons-stay tuned.  I’ll be filling you in with the best ways to take care of your lady bits!

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