In all of my experimenting with managing my period differently, I’ve never actually tried a sea sponge for my period.  I’ve had people mention them, ask about them, and I’ve heard great things but it wasn’t until Natural Intimacy reached out to me that I finally took the plunge and tried one!  If you’ve never heard of sea sponges for period management, it’s time you do!

A history:

It is a little known fact that the natural sea sponge – while offering one of the most natural and luxurious personal care experiences available to the modern world – has played an important role in society for many centuries.  Long before the time of synthetic products and artificial remedies, natural sponges of the sea were used by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, as well as many other peoples of the Caribbean and the Mediterranean.  Over time, through trade and exploration, these versatile wonders of the sea became popular all throughout Europe and the Western world as well and have remained a treasured resource to the present day.

One the first written references to the use of a sea sponge is found as far back as around 800 B.C. in the works of Homer in both his Odyssey and in the Iliad, where it is said that a sponge was placed into the hands of the god Hephaestus who then cleaned his hands, face, and chest.  And in another place, where servants of the palace of Odysseus used a sea sponge to clean the royal tables after the wasteful meals of the suitors of Penelope.  The sea sponge has also been referenced in the writings of both Aristotle and Plato in both historic and scientific contexts.

The ancient Romans, likewise, with their enjoyment of the public bath and their dedication to the arts, cleanliness, and all things pleasurable, found the natural sea sponge a perfect solution for bathing, cosmetics, and cleaning of all kinds.  Roman soldiers also used them to line their helmets as a form of padding, and early doctors and healers used them for cleaning wounds and even found burnt sponges useful as a therapeutic aid for certain diseases.

Other records indicate that the natural sea sponge was even used as one of the first female tampons, and among the many other materials – such as softened wood, lint, softened papyrus, wool, paper, vegetable fibers, grass, and later cotton – the natural sea sponge was found to be one of the safest, most comfortable, and most effective options.


Natural Intimacy’s Sea Sponges:

  • Naturally absorb an astonishing amount of fluid.
  • Are unbelievably comfortable. Absorbent yet plush, silky, and soft.
  • Large size 6.5cm to 8cm. Unbleached = maximumly absorbent.
  • Packaged in plastic-free packaging. Ethically harvested. Biodegradable.

So what was my experience with the sea sponge?

I don’t know if this is how I want to manage my period.  The sea sponge reminded me SO MUCH of a tampon because of how it felt.  One of my biggest complaints with tampons is how dry they are and how they suck the moisture out of my vagina, two things many people actually love about tampons and don’t like when switching to cups!  I also couldn’t seem to settle it in so I couldn’t feel it.  I wonder if that’s something that would come with more practice, I have only used these for one period.

I also have to say that changing it was pretty gory and not something you’d ever want to do in a public restroom.  I feel pretty enlightened when it comes to period gore and this was still a little messy for me.  I didn’t have the opportunity to try sex with it in, but I have had several women message me and tell me that they prefer a sea sponge for period sex!

PROS for the Sea Sponge:

  • Completely Natural
  • Re-usable
  • Great for Period Sex
  • Beneficial with Prolapse
  • Customizable-Sponges Can Be Trimmed to Fit

CONS for the Sea Sponge:

  • Changing it was messy
  • Dry/Scratchy Feeling
  • Uncomfortable

Overall, I think the sea sponge is an excellent option and something that many women love.  It is naturally sourced, environmentally friendly and re-usable–all fantastic benefits!  Have you every tried a sea sponge for your period??

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