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The reason I started this blog was to inform, to educate, to entertain and to build a community to start talking more about our lady parts.  A big part of that community is sharing stories and Emily was kind enough to share hers about why she stopped using tampons!  If you have a birth story, period story, pregnancy story, or anything else you’d like to share with the people of the internet that would help educate please share it with me!  Email or contact me at april@thevaginablog.com.

From Emily:

My second baby was about 11 months old and he was still a hoooorible sleeper. He had never slept through the night and needless to say I was TIRED. I hadn’t had a full nights sleep or even a half decent sleep in almost a year!! I had got my period and was stoked because it was a week and a half before my wedding anniversary and I thought well hey perfect timing. I went about my business as usual and after about 5 days my period just stopped completely which was unusual but I didn’t give it a second thought. About 3-4 days later, I started to smell… I’m pretty OCD and have never had a smell like this before in my life, like a dead animal to paint a horrible visual for you. I try to take care of things naturally first so I tried some essential oils and a few other things and nothing was taking care of the smell. I finally thought this has got to stop because embarrassing doesn’t even begin to express how I felt. I went to the doc told them that the only symptom I had was a smell 😖they said it must be an infection so they gave me a pill and sent me on my way. My anniversary came and went and I was not about to let my husband anywhere near me until the smell went away. About 4 days into taking the medication the smell was just getting worse. I was showering 2-3 times a day to try to take care of it but still nothing was working. I looked up webmd and surprise surprise i was diagnosed with cancer by the internet doctor. It was a Saturday morning and I broke down to my husband and finally told him everything that was going on (he thought I just had an everyday yeast infection) he said let me give you a priesthood blessing and I said ok. He gave me one and said “ok let’s go run some errands and try to forget about it. If it isn’t better by Monday we’ll go into the doc and we’ll get it figured out”

We ran some errands and I was super anxious the whole time. We went to a furniture store here in town and while we were there I ran to the restroom while I was in there going pee I felt something slip out of my vagina I immediately looked into the toilet and there it was THE TAMPON I NEVER TOOK OUT!! It. All. Made. Sense. I sat there in disbelief, how could a grown woman forget to take out her tampon and for WEEKS?! well this grown woman did. I ran out and told my husband to get in the car I told him what happened and he thought I was joking. I went home took a shower because obviously, and there was NO MORE SMELL. it was like nothing ever happened.


After that I started doing research about tampons and learning just how bad they actually are. I never really knew about other options until I looked into it but I tried the cup and used it for about 6 months but really it just wasn’t for me. I ordered some thinx because going back to tampons was not in the cards for me. I used them for the first time and absolutely fell in love and have been using them ever since.

I had heard a couple stories about women forgetting to take out their tampons but always thought are these the same women who don’t know their pregnant until they are in the hospital delivering an 8 lb. baby?? It can seriously happen to ANYONE, and definitely a sleep deprived mother. Also I never judge those women anymore who forget about their tampons or those poor souls that find out their pregnant in the delivery room, I just say a prayer for them now 😂


Amen Emily!!  The older I get the less I judge and the more I just hope we all survive!  Cyndi, the Nurse-Midwife I previously worked for was a Nurse Practitioner for Planned Parenthood and saw this OFTEN.  She said they barely had to get their pants off before she knew what was wrong!  So women-set an alarm if you have to!  Make sure to take out that last tampon or cup and don’t be afraid to check yourself to prevent this happening to you!

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    Debbie Gisle
    February 22, 2018 at 4:01 pm

    And don’t forget to go back to you dr to tell them why!! Help educate them!

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