Are you ready to better understand your menstrual cycle?

It’s so much more than just your period and CYCLES: A Chronicle of Cyclical Living is the perfect tool to teach you how to use that to your advantage. Our menstrual cycles are so much more than the week we’re bleeding and we have unique strengths and weaknesses that go along with each phase.


If you ever found yourself asking:

What’s wrong with me?

Why can’t I be more consistent?

How can I not be so miserable during my period?

I’ve never understood my menstrual cycle, why start now?

Then this menstrual cycle tracker is for you!!

CYCLES: A Chronicle of Cyclical Living helps menstruators live cyclically by effectively tracking their menstrual cycle. 

I’m old school and I love writing things down, if you’re like me this journal and tracker is for you. With daily pages for tracking menstrual cycle symptoms, gratitude and goals this journal covers everything you need to observe patterns in your cycle. In the back you’ll find full cycle trackers created to look at your entire cycle on a single page.

Beyond simple cycle tracking, I love a good gratitude practice. Incorporated into your daily cycle tracking I’ve added spaces to write 3 things you’re grateful for that day, set goals specific to the phase of your cycle and dive into how you’re feeling. I always recommend noting life events as well because all of it can contribute to your overall health and menstrual cycle!

With this journal you’ll learn:

  • How long your average cycle lasts.
  • Where your cycle aligns with the moon.
  • Patterns throughout your cycle.
  • Health concerns with different cycle symptoms.

$49.99 each or buy 4 or more to save!

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