Instagram posts don’t inspire as intimately as people do.

I’m passionate, smart and engaging living person sharing ideas is more potent than words alone.  I have a fantastic track record as a speaker. I provide a combination of inspiration, motivation, education and entertainment all at the same time.

1) High Energy Talks / Keynotes

I deliver highly interactive 15 to 60 minute sessions on a wide range of topics. As you can [link], I have a wide range of expertise, including wisdom from [link] on management, creativity and communication.

Samples: Here’s my [podcast episode], plus [link to something else].

Previous clients include:  Alt Summit, Dixie College,

2) Workshops & Courses
Occasionally I teach deeper sessions with smaller groups. I have been part of organizing and hosting numerous retreats and focus groups.

3) Expert Review / Consulting
Considering breaking into the field of women’s health with a new service or product? I can review and advise on what you’re working on.

Sample Topics:

  • Leading breakthrough projects
  • Creative thinking hacks
  • The myths of innovation
  • How to manage innovation on a schedule
  • The truth about schedules / shipping on time
  • How to manage smart people
  • How to make good decisions
  • Mistakes managers make
  • What to do when things go wrong
  • Anything you find on my popular blog

So you’re interested – What’s next?

Contact me! I’ll respond quickly and and see if your needs, budget and timing match mine