I’m thrilled about you stopped by to check out It’s Called a Vulva! I hope you love this representation of the full vulva anatomy in a new and fabulous (and so soft and plushy) way. I hope it serves as a reminder of how incredible our bodies are. If you’re an educator, therapist, teacher or just a lover of vulvas – this plushie is for you!

It’s Called a Vulva is April Davis’ newest line of sex education tools, including Ruby, a plush vulva and clitoris meant to help sex educators, therapists, teachers and parents explain the full female anatomy, including the full anatomy of the clitoris. Ruby comes with important details – asymmetrical labia, furry exterior, holes for the urethra and vagina, and a fully separate clitoris, helping students understand where the clitoris fits within the vulva.

$129 $99!

ALSO purchase 5 or more to activate wholesale pricing for $69 each!