THE VAGINA BLOG PODCAST EPISODE 14: More Isn\’t More with Miranda Anderson

Miranda Anderson is the author of More Than Enough, the story of her family’s one year long no-shopping challenge. She enjoys educating people and loves to share advice and help in any way that she can. She loves minimalism and simplifying her life and teaching others how to do the same. She has found so much fulfillment leaning into her truth and encourages others to discover what that is for them and align their actions with their personal values.

Today as we’re doing through this pandemic, and stay at home orders, we all need to make peace with what we have so this message from Miranda seemed very on-point. We’re going through a forced pause.

“You can’t recognize your habits when you’re living them. You’re not always aware of them. It’s not until you decide you’re going to stop something that you realize how often you’re triggered or how often you have that urge or response. This forced pause can be really helpful for people to realize what their habits are.”


I ask Miranda:

What should we be thinking about during this forced pause? What should we be thinking through right now? What can our next steps be?

We need to recognize what we’re actually trying to achieve – am I trying to find control? Peace? How can I fill these needs other than things like consuming?

Living an intentional life is just an exercise in self-awareness.

You have to and you get to make choices.

More isn’t more.

We need to firmly decide not just what we say no to, but also what we say yes to.


Miranda, what are the 4 pillars of LESS?

L is for Look-around. You have the stuff there.

E is for experimenting with what you already have. There is no better time than now to use what you already have.

S is for Say Yes. Say yes to what matters most.

S is for Say No. Say no to the excess and noise.

“Your personal happiness leads to your success, not the other way around.”

Miranda where can we find you?

Her Book:  More Than Enough


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Miranda, how do you manage your period?

Period panties! Lots of sleep and chocolate. I love that I’m even living more intentionally by managing my period this way.