THE VAGINA BLOG PODCAST EPISODE 18: Candida Elimination (or how to get rid of a yeast infection) with Adrienne Rommel

Adrienne Rommel is a Yoni nutritionist. She became a nutritionist based on her own health issues and her interests in women’s health. She became interested in nutrition after suffering from her own candida overgrowth. She suffered from symptoms that took over not only her vaginal health, but her entire body. After doing her own research she realized she had candida and she was able to heal that using nutrition and lifestyle changes. She quit her corporate job to pursue nutrition full time so she could help people the way she helped herself.

I myself (April) have suffered from candida and was also able to heal a severe infection through nutrition and lifestyle changes so interviewing Adrienne and sharing this with all of you is so important to me!

It’s frustrating because many ‘female conditions’ are swept under the rug by health care professionals. Traditional western medicine treats infections like yeast with medications instead of lifestyle changes which will only get you so far.


What is candida and why is it a problem?

What can I do to get rid of candida?

Let’s talk about specifics, what do you recommend?

If someone is struggling with all of these things, where do you start?

You have a Candida Elimination Course, what does that cover/include?

The course teaches you how to eliminate candida in 6 weeks. It goes over what candida is, what to eat and how, supplements and herbs, and it talks about the mindfulness and emotional part of candida.

“It’s your health, it’s so worth it.”


So Adrienne, how do you like to manage your period?

Dark Chocolate! I’ve been learning to nourish my body and eat better for my cycle to help with my PMS. And magnesium!