THE VAGINA BLOG PODCAST EPISODE 21: Baby Powder, IUD’s and Protecting Your Health with Brian Shelley

I interviewed my first man on The Vagina Blog Podcast!

Brian Shelley is an attorney and is working on a national lawsuit involving Johnson & Johnson baby powder and ovarian cancer and also damages due to the paraguard (copper IUD).

Let’s start by talking about talc. What concerns should we have?

I had heard about talc, but had no idea how serious the damage was. Talc contains asbestos, a known carcinogen. The link between talc and ovarian cancer (and lung cancer) has now been medically proven. They are now realizing how long Johnson & Johnson has known about these dangers and continued to sell their product.

“When they put profits over people, you feel betrayed.”

As of May 2020 all baby powder has been pulled from shelves, but they should have done this many decades ago when they found talc to be a carcinogen.

What action can we take moving forward?

Johnson & Johnson now has a multi-district litigation against them, where anyone that has a claim is going to be heard in the same courtroom with the same judge. If you have used baby powder and have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer or lung cancer, you qualify to enter into the claim. Brian is representing several individuals with their talc claims and is open to take more.


Let’s talk about Paraguard (the copper IUD)

This is a product defect case. At times one of the arms of the “t” will break off causing problems ranging from discomfort and minor surgery to full hysterectomy. 

“It goes beyond the individual claim itself. What these claims do on a larger scale is they send a message to product manufacturers, that if they conceal known evidence that their product is harming people, people are going to band together and hold them responsible.”

What are some actionable steps we can take?

Follow through with lawsuits.

“The claims have a broad societal impact…We owe it to the next generation, to society, to tell our story and hold these companies accountable for what they’ve done to people.”

Let’s say I’ve been harmed by an IUD or have contracted ovarian cancer as a result of talc use. What do I do to move forward as part of the lawsuit?

Contact us. A consultation is free and we can discuss if you have a case, what your rights are, what the process looks like and whether or not you have a viable claim.

(Be sure to listen to the episode to hear Brian’s tampon story, because of course I asked him the same question I ask everyone on the podcast)

Brian, where can we find you?