THE VAGINA BLOG PODCAST EPISODE 23: All About Breastfeeding with Brianne Taggart

Brianne Taggart is an RN and IBLCE (lactation consultant) expert. She began helping people breastfeed as a nurse and became an IBLCE while also teaching childbirth and breastfeeding classes. Her mission is to educate and help people with breastfeeding.

What resources are available for people that want to breastfeed?

Everything has become virtual now with COVID. 

Whats the most important thing I can do to set myself up for success with breastfeeding?

There are 3 “secret weapons” I recommend people know about breastfeeding:

How to do breast massage.

How to hand express.

Skin-to-skin time with your baby.

The best thing you can do to fix many problems with your baby is skin-to-skin contact.

If you don\’t know what these things are, Brianne has videos of all of it on her IG!

Let’s talk about best practices during the postpartum period (4th trimester). How can we best prepare?

Remember the 4 S’s:

Skin-to-skin: is important and helpful for months after the baby is born.

Sleep: when you can!

Support: prepare you partner, plan on meals, think about house-cleaning, reach out to family and friends.

Sunshine: and fresh air.

How do you recommend making breastfeeding goals?

Everyone is going to have different breastfeeding goals and if you need help reaching those, a lactation consultant can be such a big help!

If we wanted to get in touch with you and check out your courses, where can we find you?

I have a new course Infant Massage along with other ones!

Find me on IG at @bri.withlactationlink or

How do you like to manage your period?

A menstrual cup! Such a game changer!