THE VAGINA BLOG PODCAST EPISODE 25: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About CBD with Anna Louise Burdett

Anna Louise Burdett is the founder and CEO of Toca, a CBD based lube. There are lots of questions and misconceptions around CBD based products and Anna is going to help explain what it’s all about!

Anna has been studying and working in herbalism for over 20 years now and started to work more in sexual health, developing a curriculum in sexual health for children. For the last few years her work has focused on educating children, working with adults on their unresolved illness that often came from trauma and sexuality and creating actual products to help that.

Toca is unique because it is created in a clinical framework. It can be helpful for sex and penetration, but also very useful for daily use and healing. One of the favorite ingredients in Toca is helichrysum which is particularly helpful for healing and inflammation.


What is CBD?

CBD is the second all-star of the cannabis plant, second to THC. We have an extremely high standard of quality for our products, not only are they organic, but ethically sourced and harvested. We also want our products to be grown outdoors and made from CBD and not CBD isolate powder. We provide lab reports on our website so that our clients know what they’re getting.

Can you get high on CBD oil?

No. Our products have such a small percentage of THC that helps the CBD work more effectively, but not enough to “get you high.”

How does it work? And what can it work for?

Like any medicinal plant, CBD works on pain receptors by taking down your psychological response to pain and soothes the nervous system so the pain is less. It’s number one best action is it’s anti-inflammatory properties. CBD lube can be used for everything from postpartum healing to sore nipples from PMS to healing irritation from shaving!

I’m just really excited about pleasure and about people feeling good!

Anna, what is your favorite way to manage your period?

I love free bleeding. Any time I can stay at home and allow myself to freebleed down my legs I do! I also spent a month and a half camping next to the ocean and I was able to bleed and rinse in the ocean as needed and I loved that.

Where can we find you?