THE VAGINA BLOG PODCAST EPISODE 26: The Importance of Dating Your Partner with Rochelle White

Rochelle White is the owner of Frisky Friday, a date night subscription box for couples looking to have some fun in their dating life. Today we’re talking about what inspired Rochelle to start Frisky Friday and more of her story.

What is Frisky Friday Box?

A monthly subscription made to have you laughing and communicating and hopefully making-out by the end of the night.

What inspired you to start Frisky Friday?

I grew up in a conservative home and I got married at 20 years old having no information about sex and I didn’t know my body at all. I went through ups and downs with sex, using birth control, having 6 children and learning about my body through learning about Fertility Awareness Method. Learning about the fertility awareness method really helped me get to know my body and feel comfortable learning more about what I like sexually as well.

My husband started using games like Clue and Monopoly as part of our sex life and that is how Frisky Friday was born. Sex didn’t have to be scary and taboo, it could be fun. Frisky Friday really focuses on communication and fun and exploring each other. Frisky Friday walks you to the front door and it’s up to you to go from there.

Why do you feel like it’s important to date your partner?

I remember looking up online “is it possible to have a healthy marriage and never have sex” and I realized that sex is an important part of relationships, so I decided that I needed to find a way to make it enjoyable for me. Sex is all around good for a relationship.

My neighbor bought me a “neck massager” for Christmas one year and it turned out it was a vibrator. It took me months to try it and after I did I wondered where this had been all my life. That really helped open my eyes to the options available.

I had to make an intentional effort to use my husband’s love language of physical touch because that isn’t my love language. It’s so important to find out what your partner\’s love language is and express what yours is as well.

What has the response been?

So positive. We’ve had lots of support from family and sales are growing! We’ve never had anyone cancel a subscription yet!

Where can we find you?


What is your favorite way to manage your period?

Period Panties!