THE VAGINA BLOG PODCAST EPISODE 5: Boudoir and Loving Your Body with Lyndi Benson

Lyndi, how did you get started and what is boudoir photography?

I just knew once I started doing it, it was my calling. I knew how I wanted women to feel about themselves and that this was a way for me to do that. I wanted to make people feel beautiful. Once I got past being worried about judgement from others, it has been so fun.

Women usually come into their session shy, even shaking sometimes. I try to create a safe space where people can just feel themselves and feel beautiful. I want to applaud them for their bravery and validate their beauty. 

A transformation that took place for me (April) after being photographed more was an acceptance of my body that I was not expecting. Boudoir really does that for people. Seeing myself through the eyes of someone else helped me realize I need to stop being so hard on myself!

It feels good to come out of your shell and embrace yourself. 

It’s so good to see the process – seeing photos as they’re being taken helps build this confidence.

Tell me about your body love journey, and the body love journey we’re all on with you.

I struggled with my body image. When I was a teenager especially I was so unhealthy and my mom had a negative body image so I inherited that negative body image. Going into college I developed bulimia and it was hard on my soul. Through good friends and an amazing boyfriend at the time I came to accept my body type and I’m continuing to.

I decided to stop talking about the negative things about myself and start talking positively.

We’ve created this culture where everyone talks negatively and the more I talk positively, the more I believe it. And I love modeling that behaviour as well and creating a safe space for others to do the same. Finding love for yourself and your body is a worthy cause.

What questions do you get the most from people about boudoir?

When I get asked what to wear, I ask, what do you feel sexy in? My personal favorite is body suits, something you feel snuggly in (like a slouchy sweater and undies). So much about boudoir is curves and eyelashes.

Boudoir is so different from pornography – boudoir is about capturing someone’s inner light and sexiness. There’s so much trust and wholesome love that I put into boudoir. It’s more inner sexy and less labia. It’s intimate and sexy but not necessarily sexual.

What should you look for when you’re looking for a boudoir photographer?

Read the reviews – always look for someone that is good at making people feel comfortable. Always look at their portfolio, not just their top 10, but look at an entire session start to finish from one shoot. You’ll quickly know what the vibe is. Make sure the person you hire feels like they’re going to respect and enhance you. You should never leave a shoot feeling less than. And never be afraid to bring a friend or partner.

As far as couples sessions go, couples boudoir captures the intimacy and love of your relationship.

Lyndi, let’s talk about your first boudoir shoot in front of the camera.

I was 20, I was about to get married to my sexy husband, and it was April that took my pictures. We shot them at a friend\’s house, there were SO many props, and we shot a calendar’s worth of content. Going from that first shoot until now, it’s amazing how things have grown and changed.

There’s something about boudoir that unlocks part of yourself that you normally don’t let out.

Fast forward a few years, I (April) was pregnant with my third and Lyndi took the most beautiful maternity boudoir photos of me. It was so nice to feel sexy for a minute while pregnant. Coming from such a difficult pregnancy, spending this time getting my hair and make-up done, being photographed and actually feeling so good about myself for a minute was a bright spot in a very hard pregnancy. I cherish those images and that time spent. It was so precious to me.


It’s such a celebration of your body, which is something we don’t do enough. We don\’t celebrate our bodies. Your body gets you out of bed and it takes care of your kids or it takes you to your job and it runs you. If you just think about the million different things your body is doing all at the same time, why are we getting wrapped up in a squishy tummy or waist size?

You would never attack someone else’s body the way you do your own. Why do we think every one else is doing that to us? Women support women – why can’t we believe that?

Boudoir has been a journey. It helps people fall in love with themselves again, or for the first time. 

And it isn’t always about hair or make-up or anything, it’s about capturing that inner light. Make-up should be a fun enhancement.

So, to wrap up: why does every person need a boudoir shoot?

Everyone just needs to let themselves feel beautiful and walk out the door feeling amazing. We get so wrapped up in life and a boudoir shoot is an opportunity to take a break from that and celebrate your body.

One of my favorite shoots I’ve ever done was right after having my baby. I was squishy and nursing and still had my stretch marks and I love having those pictures of my healing body.

There’s just nothing like a shoot. Even if you don’t believe your body is beautiful before, you will after.

Lyndi, how do you manage your period?

I’m usually a tampon user, but at night time and if my vagina is feeling a little sore I love wearing Thinx panties!

Lyndi is actually the one that told me she wears her Thinx in anticipation of her period (a trick I share with everyone now) so thank her for sharing this awesome idea! They\’re amazing because if you’re worried your period *might* be coming, wear Thinx and don’t worry abou it!

Lyndi, where can we find you?