The Vagina Blog Podcast Season 2 | Episode 5: VAG CON with Jen Marie Cliff

Jen resides in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Roanoke, Virginia. She lives with her loving husband, 4 year old son, a 13 year old dog, and four crazy cats. Her nursing experience ranges from Resource Pool to Neurotrauma ICU, and Hospice Home Health. These experiences taught Jen a lot about the vulnerability in times of trauma, chaos, and tragedy. It was during this period when she realized her heart\’s desire wasn\’t in nursing – which was a painful awakening. She eventually left her short nursing career and followed her heart towards intuitive and energetic healing. Jen now teaches Reiki workshops, facilitates guided meditations, and provides 1-1 holistic healing sessions. Last year, she started a podcast called Motherhood + Holistic Wellness, and recently became the new director of operations for the Monthly Healing Expos taken place a local gathering center called The WellNest, where also she hosts free JMC Mom Meetups. It was during one of her meetups last Spring that she had an intimate conversation with a mom who shared about her traumatic coming-of-age story. With fire in her heart and a passion to make a global shift on the perception of womanhood, Vagina Conference came to fruition.

VAG CON envisions a shift in cultural perspectives by rising up and celebrating the divine feminine through the acceptance of women of all backgrounds. We see a gathering of soul sisters who are ready to ignite the divine feminine within us and around the world. We find new meaning to womanhood and femininity through a holistic approach by recruiting experts from the health, wellness, spiritual, business, and creative industries.

The goal of this first VAG CON is to bring together diverse women of all ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations, religious or spiritual beliefs, political and socioeconomic backgrounds. We believe in the divine feminine, a sacred energy force that stands for justice, peace, unity, creativity, love, and light. It is time to raise women’s voices through education, connection, and inspiration.


It\’s so important that people know that they\’re not alone in this world with whatever challenge you\’re going through. Going back to that physical standpoint where your body is screaming help! From an energy standpoint, a lot of it is that trauma and those taboo topics – which is also why I think VAGCON is powerful, we need to be able to share the stories, share those uncomfortable challenges we\’re going through or have been going through. And how do we get through it? Not just share it and retraumatize everyone, but what are the solutions?

I ask Jen:

How did the idea for VAG CON come about?
About our culture\’s attitudes around female pleasure and orgasm.
Western v Alternative Medicine
How can we find our village and community?
How can we support VAG CON?? (IT\’S FREE!!)

Want to know more about VAG CON? Follow this link and join us April 22-24th!

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