The Vagina Blog Podcast Season 2 | Episode 7 Pelvic Floor Health with Dr Uchenna Ossai

Dr. Uchenna “UC” Ossai is a sex-positive pelvic health physical therapist and sexuality educator and counselor. Dr. UC is assistant professor at the University of Texas Dell Medical School and also serves as pelvic health program manager at UT Health Austin. She is on faculty for the University of Michigan, School of Social Work’s Sexual Health Certification Program. Dr. UC is one of few licensed physical therapists in the world with an AASECT certification in sexuality counseling; as well as the only Black physical therapist with this specific designation. Dr. UC spends her days treating people with both sexual and pelvic floor dysfunction, and her evenings educating the masses on everything that has to do with “sexytime”. When it comes to sexual intelligence and great sex education, UC embraces always being unapologetically real, happily crunk, and deliciously kind.

On average it takes women with pelvic floor dysfunction 5 years to find help. Be tenacious about your health.


Another thing I want to say about that (misinformation) is that it says that your pleasure is where your genitals reside. Your pleasure is not experienced in your genitals, it is experienced in your mind. Your genitals are just one of the sources for you to access pleasure, it is not THE source to access pleasure.

I ask UC:

What is pelvic floor physical therapy?

Do I still need pelvic floor physical therapy if I had a c-section?

What is common but not normal when it comes to pelvic floor health?

Tell us about vaginal laxity. Is it as much of a thing as the media tries to make it?

Should I see a specialist? When do I need to go see someone?

Do injections actually help the pelvic floor?

Let\’s talk about pleasure.

Let\’s say I just had a baby and things don\’t feel like they\’re where they used to be. Who do I see? When?

What does a good postpartum team look like?

What can we all be doing to take better care of our pelvic floor?

How can we make pleasure the focus of intimacy instead of only orgasm?

Any common misconceptions or myths you see that you want to address?

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